The Kamili Collective: Student Membership

Lessons on the Kamili Yoga™ System, Pan-African Education, Holistic Wellness, and More!


About the Collective

The Kamili Collective is the exclusive online resource to learn the tenets and practices of the Kamili Yoga™ system. This membership platform is for aspiring students to engage in the self-paced study of Kamili Yoga™ and expand their Pan-African knowledge.

Recorded lessons include in-depth teachings of the system tenets, guidance on general Yoga wellness, exploration of Pan-African cultures and history, and more. Interactive live stream group classes and discussion-based wellness workshops are also a key part of the learning collective. These offerings empower practitioners to master making Kamili Yoga™ a sacred part of their everyday life!

Missed the Information Sessions?

Watch this recorded replay to learn more about the system and the collective!


Eternity's Teaching Philosophy

Many wellness instructors and Yoga spaces, both physically and virtually, present an air of false perfection and enforce constant "love and light" positivity. Many of their lessons are surface and shallow, minimizing Yoga to mere exercise and teaching only the trendy basics of wellness. This does a disservice to students who want more in their lessons.

As I teacher, I am different because I do more than instruct . . . I educate. I delve deeper and challenge my students to go beyond the superficial. I am different because I teach Yoga and wellness in a way that is socially conscious, trauma-informed, and honors the cultural fullness of the practices. I am different because I believe that we need to make space for being imperfect people in an imperfect society, that we need to acknowledge the shadows within us as well as the light, and that we need to learn how to be comfortable with discomfort.

But most importantly, I am different simply because I am me. I give my students my most genuine Self. I make space to be all of who I am so that I can hold space for all of who you are. That difference is how I can help you grow into who you want to be.

The Cost & Benefits

The membership cost for the Kamili Collective reflects a delicate balance between accessibility and premium value. The investment to join this platform is your choice of $111 a month or $1,111 a year, which actually comes to an affordable amount of less than $4 a day! Your membership to the Kamili Collective grants you:

  • A supportive community to foster healthy connections with like-minded Black yogis
  • Empowering guidance and coaching on growing into the person you want to be
  • Twice-a-week live and interactive Yoga movement community practices
  • Monthly S.O.U.L. Support live and interactive guided group discussions
  • Monthly Kamili Classroom live and interactive guided group teachings
  • Unlimited access to a constantly growing catalog of Yoga wellness lessons
  • Curated third-party educational content on Pan-African culture and history

Plus +

  • The ability to request recorded lessons on subjects you want to learn
  • A 15% discount on all items in the Soul Liberation Etsy shop
  • Special low rates for virtual one-on-one sessions
  • An opportunity to earn commission as a Kamili Ambassador
  • The option to become a Certified Kamili Yoga Teacher (coming 2021)

What Students Have to Say

"I am so fortunate to be a part of the Kamili Collective. I have grown so much and it has helped me with my self awareness."

- Edna L., New York, USA

"Through the Kamili Collective, I have been able to dive deeper into my own yoga and movement practice, while also learning more about Pan-African history and principles. In a time of chaos throughout the world, the Kamili Collective has provided me with community, and a continued sense of grounded."

- Naadiya H., Maryland, USA

"Since becoming a part of the Kamili Collective Yoga experience, I'm learning the differences more and more every time we meet. So far, nothing but positive & enlightening experiences. Much different from what I've experienced being in other 'mainstream' yoga classes."

- Linda P.B., South Carolina, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the collective if I am not Black?
Why not? Isn't that racist?
It is not racist to have Black-centered spaces; it is racism that makes Black-centered spaces necessary.

The Kamili Collective is a safe(r) space that exclusively serves those of Black identity and of Pan-African cultural communities. It is a space to honor the specific experiences that Black people around the world have in societies riddled with anti-Blackness and oppressive systems of institutionalized racism. It is a space for both learning AND healing, and that healing would be undermined by the presence of non-Black folks.

If you are offended by this being a Black-centered healing space, you are encouraged to investigate the true source of that angst and work on putting that energy toward creating a world where spaces such as these are no longer necessary.

Is Kamili Yoga™ LGBTQIA-inclusive and affirming?
Yes! Throughout history, Black queer folx have been a cornerstone in social movements, and despite homophobia from their own people, continue to support and uplift their communities. Kamili Yoga™ honors the contributions of LGBTQIA+ Blacks and Africans to the struggles of liberation, from Civil Rights organizer Bayard Rustin to Marsha P. Johnson of the Stonewall riots to co-founders of #BlackLivesMatter, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors.

And just to be clear, Kamili Yoga™ is founded by a Black queer non-binary being!

I'm new to Yoga and not very flexible. Can I still join?
Not only can you join, you are encouraged to join! Many people have the misconception that they must be flexible to do Yoga poses. But it is the opposite; doing Yoga poses is what helps you become flexible!

But more important than Yoga poses is Yoga philosophy. Physical motion is just a small piece of Kamili Yoga™, and there is much more to learn on this journey of wellness and union. As a Kamili Yoga™ student, you will learn how to nurture not just the body, but also the heart, mind, and spirit. You will learn how to approach Yoga as a fully holistic lifestyle of complete union that brings peace, power, and freedom!

If I change my mind about membership, what is the cancellation and refund policy?
Please note that there are no refunds on any membership subscriptions or payments. But you can cancel your membership at any time. Simply make adjustments in your account profile settings under "Manage Subscriptions." When you cancel your membership, you will still have access to the lessons and courses until the last day of your current cycle.
The price is a little high for me right now. Is there a lower cost option?
It is understandable that even at $4 a day, membership to the Kamili Collective may still be inaccessible to some. A lower cost option is to join the Kamili Yoga™ Patreon Group. Patreon is a subscription site that allows patrons (supporters) access to exclusive material from creators. While no live classes are provided, patrons of Kamili Yoga™ get access to select recorded lessons from the Kamili Collective lesson catalog, as well as a few patron-only perks!

With the Kamili Yoga™ Patreon Group, you can learn Kamili Yoga™ in a way that better fits your budget and join on a "give-what-you-can" level that starts as low as $5 a month. Learn more and become a patron now at

I have additional questions. How can I contact you?
For more information, click here to send a message (your email program/app should open up automatically). I will respond to you at my earliest opportunity!

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